Call for Participation

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INTERACT 2017 invites all to be a part of the conference by actively participating in the various conference tracks.

We invite you to submit your original work to the conference. The proceedings will be published in Springer LNCS Series, as per the rules mentioned in the individual track details. INTERACT 2017 is an international conference and all submissions will be peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts. The official conference language is English, and all submissions must be in English.

Conference Tracks

INTERACT covers a broad range of topics, addressing numerous aspects of Human-Computer Interaction. The number of tracks for this edition has also been increased substantially.

Besides the traditional tracks such as Papers, Workshops and Courses, newer tracks like Field Trips, Student Research Consortium, Student Design Consortium, Industry Presentations and Installations will open new avenues to participate and share work with the others.

Note: For Full Papers, Workshops, Field Trips, Short Papers, Posters, Demos, and Courses, at least one author for each accepted submission must register for the conference by July 1, 2017 for the submission to be included in the proceedings.

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Conference Topics

INTERACT 2017 invites submissions addressing any area of human-computer interaction. The areas of interest may include, but may not be limited to, one or multiple the topics mentioned below.

  • Methods and Tools for Interface and Interaction Design, Modelling, and Evaluation including:
    • Accessibility
    • Affective HCI, Emotion, Motivational Aspects
    • Evaluation Methods / Usability Evaluation
    • Human Factors
    • Human Error and Safety
    • Mobility / Mobile Accessibility / Mobile Devices
    • Model- Based Design of Interactive Systems
    • Tools for Design, Modelling, Evaluation
    • Usability and Software / Enterprise Engineering
    • User Modelling
    • User Experience-Based Approaches
    • Visualisation Techniques
  • Cross-Cultural and Social Issues including:
    • Developing Local Content or Interaction Design Capacity
    • ICT in Social Development - Interaction Design for Developing Regions
    • International and Cultural Aspects of HCI
    • HCI for Offshore Software Development
  • Specific Application Areas including:
    • Adaptive Interfaces
    • Augmented Reality and Tangible User Interfaces
    • Child-Computer Interfaces
    • Context- Dependent Systems
    • End-User Development and Adaptation
    • Fun / Aesthetic Design
    • HCI and Web 2.0
    • HCI Education
    • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Human-Work Interaction Design
    • Interaction with Small or Large Displays
    • Multi-Modal Interfaces
    • Multi-User Interaction / Cooperation
    • Novel User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques
    • Social Media / Social Networks
    • Usable Privacy and Security
    • Technology in Healthcare
    • Ubiquitous and Context-Aware Computing
    • User Interfaces for Safety Critical Systems
    • User Interfaces for Web Applications, e-Government

Submission Format

Papers should be formatted according to the Springer LNCS Format wherever required, as per the track descriptions.

General guidelines for the preparation of proceedings papers could be found on the Springer website.

Papers not strictly following the templates will be excluded from the conference proceedings. The maximum paper length, as defined in the various submission categories, will be automatically enforced by the conference submission system (PCS).

For all tracks, the versions submitted for review must be uploaded in PDF format. Wherever necessary, videos accompanying paper submissions must be in a standard video format playable on a generic movie player.

INTERACT 2017 is an international conference and all submissions will be peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts. The official conference language is English, and all submissions must be in English. The Springer LNCS guidelines require the submissions to be preferably in American English.

LaTeX users would benefit by downloading the sample .tex file from Springer and placing it in the working directory.

Authors of accepted submissions must upload together with their final version of the paper, a proceedings copyright form for the inclusion of the paper in the proceedings and a media consent form for allowing the potential taping and broadcasting of their presentation.

Camera-Ready Version

The proceedings of INTERACT 2017 will be published by IFIP-Springer in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). The final camera ready submission must be in PDF format.

Please follow the guidelines below whilst preparing the camera-ready version:

  • Take into account reviewers' comments whilst preparing the camera-ready version of your contribution.
  • Make sure your submission adheres to the Springer LNCS Format. Individual Word templates and LaTeX templates can be downloaded from Springer. Detailed instructions are included in the .zip packages containing the templates.
  • Complete and duly sign the IFIP-Springer Copyright Form, which must be signed by at least one of the authors and sent as a PDF or an image file (JPEG or TIF). The Media Consent Form must also be submitted in the same format.
  • Use the conference submission system (PCS) to upload a zip file containing the duly signed copyright form (IFIP-Springer), the media consent form and the camera ready version in both formats — source file (MS Word) and PDF file at the website no latter than the mentioned camera-ready deadlines.

Important: In order for your paper to appear in the LNCS proceedings, at least one author must be registered at the conference by the camera-ready deadline.

For any additional information concerning the publications, please get in touch with the Proceedings Chairs, Marco Winckler and Devanuj at proceedings[at]interact2017[dot]org.