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Student Research Consortium - Accepted


The list of accepted Student Research Consortium (SRC) entries for this year appear below. Authors will present these during the conference.

Accepted SRC Entries

  1. Disambiguation Keyboard for Blind
    Neel Koradia and Simran Pandey
  2. Evaluation of Thumb-Movement Alternacy for Two-Thumb Input in Marathi Soft Keyboard Layouts
    Santanu Dutta, Nimish Maravi, and Bhakti Bhikne
  3. How useful is 360-degree view for Cognitive Mapping?
    Ambika Shahu
  4. Probabilistic Modeling of Swarachakra Keyboard for Improved Touch Accuracy
    Nikhil Wani, Adarsh Patodi, and Sumit Singh Yadav
  5. Three Sixty Degree Vision Interfaces : Evaluation of Performance and Eye Movements
    Aniruddh Ravipati and Ambika Shahu
  6. Unifying E-Commerce and Markerless Mobile Augmented Reality Using Real-time Face Tracking and Head Pose Estimation
    Anuradha Welivita, Nanduni Nimalsiri, Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe, and Upekka Pathirana
  7. Use of ICT for behavioral change in dietary habits
    Ashish Jain, Priyanka Arora, and Umang Luhadia