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Short Papers - Accepted

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The tentative list of accepted Short Papers for this year appear below. Authors of the papers will present these during the conference.

Accepted Short Papers

  1. TrackLine: Re ning touch-to-track Interaction for Camera Motion Control on Mobile Devices
    Axel Hoesl, Sarah Aragon Bartsch, and Andreas Butz
    Contact Author: Hoesl, Axel // axel.hoesl[at]
  2. Designing Collaborative Co-located Interaction for an Artistic Installation
    Oussama Mubarak, Pierre Cubaud, David Bihanic, and Samuel Bianchini
    Contact Author: Mubarak, Oussama // oussama.mubarak[at]
  3. On the Effects of Progressive Reduction as Adaptation Strategy for a Camera-based Cinematographic User Interface
    Axel Hoesl, Mujo Alic, and Andreas Butz
    Contact Author: Hoesl, Axel // axel.hoesl[at]
  4. The Cost of Improved Overview: An analysis of the Use of Electronic Whiteboards in Emergency Departments
    Morten Hertzum
    Contact Author: Hertzum, Morten // hertzum[at]
  5. Towards Pupil-Assisted Target Selection in Natural Settings: Introducing an On-screen Keyboard
    Christoph Strauch, Lukas Greiter, and Anke Huckauf
    Contact Author: Strauch, Christoph // christoph.strauch[at]
  6. A Technology for Prediction and Prevention of Freezing of Gait (FOG) in Individuals with Parkinson Disease
    Megh Patel ,Gottumukala Sai Rama Krishna, Abhijit Das, and Uttama Lahiri
    Contact Author: PATEL, MEGH // megh2301[at]gmail[dot]com
  7. Information-Theoretic Analysis of Human Performance for Command Selection
    Wanyu Liu, Olivier Rioul, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, and Yves Guiard
    Contact Author: Liu, Wanyu // wanyu.liu[at]
  8. NexP: A Beginner Friendly Toolkit for Designing and Conducting Controlled Experiments
    Xiaojun Meng, Pin Sym Foong, Simon Perrault, and Shengdong Zhao
    Contact Author: MENG, XIAOJUN // mengxj08[at]gmail[dot]com
  9. Exploring Offline Context and Consciousness in Everyday Social Media Use
    Yubo Kou
    Contact Author: Kou, Yubo // yubokou[at]gmail[dot]com
  10. Increasing Presence in Virtual Reality with a Vibrotactile Grid around the Head
    Oliver Beren Kaul, Kevin Meier, and Michael Rohs
    Contact Author: Kaul, Oliver Beren // kaul[at]
  11. Breathing Friend: Tackling Stress through Portable Tangible Breathing Artifact "
    Miroslav Macik1, Katerina Prazakova2, Anna Kutikova2, Zdenek Mikovec, Jindrich Adolf, Jan Havlik, and Ivana Jilekova
    " Contact Author: Macik, Miroslav // macikmir[at]
  12. Effects of Image-Based Rendering and Reconstruction on Game Developers Efficiency, Game Performance, and Gaming Experience
    George E. Raptis, Christina Katsini, Christos Fidas, and Nikolaos Avouris
    Contact Author: Raptis, George // raptisg[at]
  13. Piano Staircase: Exploring Movement-based Meaning Making in Interacting with Ambient Media
    Liang Tan, and Kenny K. N. Chow
    Contact Author: Tan, Liang // liang.tan[at]
  14. Investigating Wearable Technology for Fatigue Identification in the Workplace
    Christopher Griffiths, Judy Bowen, and Annika Hinze
    Contact Author: Bowen, Judy // judy.bowen[at]
  15. Effects of Human Cognitive Differences on Interaction and Visual Behavior in Graphical User Authentication
    Marios Belk, Christos Fidas, Christina Katsini, Nikolaos Avouris, and George Samaras
    Contact Author: Belk, Marios // belk[at]
  16. Contextualizing ICT based Vocational Education for Ru-ral Communities: Addressing Ethnographic Issues and Assessing Design Principles
    KP Sachith, Aiswarya Gopal,Alexander Muir, and Rao R Bhavani
    Contact Author: KP, Sachith //[at]
  17. A Model to Compute Webpage Aesthetics Quality based on Wireframe Geometry
    Ranjan Maity and Samit Bhattachariya
    Contact Author: Maity, Ranjan // ranjan.maity[at]gmail[dot]com
  18. Investigations on Laterotactile Braille Reading
    Anupama Thomas and Elizabeth Rufus
    Contact Author: Thomas, Anupama // anupama.mathew2014[at]
  19. Active Involvement of Software Developers in Usability Engineering: Two Small-Scale Case Studies
    Nis Bornoe and Jan Stage
    Contact Author: Bornoe, Nis // nis[at]
  20. PersonaBrowser Status Quo and Lessons learned from a Persona-Based Presentation Metaphor of WCAG
    Alexander Henka and Gottfried Zimmermann
    Contact Author: Henka, Alexander // henka[at]
  21. Empowering Project Managers in Enterprises - A Design Thinking approach to manage Commercial Projects
    Aparna Kongot and Monisha Pattanaik
    Contact Author: Kongot, Aparna // aparna.nayar[at]gmail[dot]com
  22. Touch Shadow Interaction and Continuous Directional User Interface for Smartphone
    Sanjay Ghosh, Joy Bose, Rajkumar Darbar, and Punyashlok Dash
    Contact Author: Ghosh, Sanjay // sanjayghosh[at]gmail[dot]com
  23. Identifying the Interplay of Design Artifacts and Decisions in Practice: A Case Study
    Judy Bowen and Anke Dittmar
    Contact Author: Bowen, Judy // judy.bowen[at]
  24. Everyday Creative Uses of Smartphone Images in Biomedical Engineering Laboratories
    Dhaval Vyas, Hinal Vyas, and Maria A. Woodruff
    Contact Author: Vyas, Dhaval // d.vyas[at]
  25. Exploring In-the-Wild Game-based Gesture Data Collection
    Kiyoshi Oka, Weiquan Lu, Kasım Özacar, Kazuki Takashima, and Yoshifumi Kitamura
    Contact Author: Oka, Kiyoshi // oka[at]
  26. Watching Your Back While Riding Your Bike: Designing for Preventive Self-Care During Motorbike Commuting
    Tomas Sokoler and Naveen L Bagalkot
    Contact Author: Sokoler, Tomas // sokoler[at]
  27. Guidelines for Designing Interactive Omnidirectional Video Applications
    Santeri Saarinen, Ville Mäkelä, Pekka Kallioniemi, Jaakko Hakulinen, and Markku Turunen
    Contact Author: Saarinen, Santeri // santeri.saarinen[at]
  28. Viability of Magazines for Stimulating Social Interactions in Nursing Homes
    Valentina Caforio, Marcos Baez, and Fabio Casati
    Contact Author: Caforio, Valentina // valentina.caforio[at]
  29. Improve the Accessibility of Tactile Charts
    Christin Engel and Gerhard Weber
    Contact Author: Engel, Christin // christin.engel[at]
  30. Mediating Interaction between Healthcare Professionals and Patients with a Dual-Sided Tablet
    Ashley Colley, Juho Rantakari, Lasse Virtanen, and Jonna Häkkilä
    Contact Author: Colley, Ashley // ashley.colley[at]gmail[dot]com
  31. iKnowU – Exploring the Potential of Multimodal AR Smart Glasses for the Decoding and Rehabilitation of Face Processing in Clinical Populations
    Simon Ruffieux, Nicolas Ruffieux, Roberto Caldara, and Denis Lalanne
    Contact Author: Ruffieux, Simon // simon.ruffieux[at]
  32. Using Critical Incidents in Workshops to Inform eHealth Design
    Christiane Grünloh, Jean D. Hallewell Haslwanter, Bridget Kane, Eunj Lee, Thomas Lind, Jonas Moll, Hanife Rexhepi, and Isabella Scandurra
    Contact Author: Grunloh, Christiane // grunloh[at]
  33. The Panta Rhei: Modernizing the Marquee
    Megan Monroe and Mauro Martino
    Contact Author: Monroe, Megan // madey.j[at]gmail[dot]com
  34. Comfort: A Coordinate of User Experience in Interactive Built Environments
    Hamed S. Alavi, Himanshu Verma, Michael Papinutto, and Denis Lalanne
    Contact Author: Alavi, Hamed // hamed.alavi[at]
  35. FIT Decision Aid: Matching the Needs of People with Dementia and Caregivers with Products and Services
    Nazli Cila, Hester van Zuthem, Fleur Thomése, Wilma Otten, Franka Meiland, and Ben Kröse
    Contact Author: Cila, Nazli // n.cila[at]
  36. Shelves: A User-defined Block Management Tool for Visual Programming Languages
    Sheng-Yi Hus, Yuan-Fu Lou, Shing-Yun Jung, and Chuen-Tsai Sun
    Contact Author: Hsu, Sheng-Yi // syhsu.cs98g[at]
  37. Perswedo: Introducing Persuasive Principles into the Creative Design Process through a Design Card-Set
    Xipei Ren, Yuan Lu, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, and Aarnout Brombacher
    Contact Author: Ren, Xipei //[at]
  38. Towards the Applicability of NAO Robot for Children with Autism in Pakistan
    Muneeb Imtiaz Ahmad, Suleman Shahid, and Anam Tahir
    Contact Author: Ahmad, Muneeb // muneeb.ahmad[at]
  39. A Minimalist Approach for Identifying Affective States for Mobile Interaction Design
    Subrata Tikadar, Sharath Kazipeta, Chandrakanth Ganji, and Samit Bhattacharya
    Contact Author: Tikadar, Subrata // subratatikadar[at]gmail[dot]com
  40. Citizen Tagger: Exploring social tagging of conversational audio
    Delvin Varghese, Patrick Olivier, and Madeline Balaam
    Contact Author: Varghese, Delvin // d.varghese2[at]
  41. RemindMe: Plugging a Reminder Manager into Email for Enhancing Workplace Responsiveness
    Casey Dugan, Aabhas Sharma, Michael Muller, Di Lu, Michael Brenndoerfer, and Werner Geyer
    Contact Author: Dugan, Casey // cadugan[at]
  42. One Fitts' Law, Two Metrics
    Julien Gori, Olivier Rioul, Yves Guiard, and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
    Contact Author: Gori, Julien // julien.gori[at]
  43. Designing Interactive Technologies for Interpretive Exhibitions: Enabling Teen Participation Through User-Driven Innovation
    Vanessa Cesário, Sónia Matos, Marko Radeta, and Valentina Nisi
    Contact Author: Cesário, Vanessa // vanessa.cesario[at]
  44. Experience Probes: Immersion and Reflection Between Reality and Virtuality
    Max Willis, Antonella De Angeli, and Massimo Zancanaro
    Contact Author: willis, max // max.willis[at]
  45. Stimulating Conversations in Residential Care through Technology-mediated Reminiscence
    Francisco Ibarra, Marcos Baez, Francesca Fiore, and Fabio Casati
    Contact Author: Ibarra, Francisco // fj.ibarracaceres[at]
  46. MyCarMobile: A travel assistance emergency mobile app for deaf people
    Tânia Rocha, Hugo Paredes, Diogo Soares, Benjamim Fonseca, and João Barroso
    Contact Author: Rocha, Tânia // trocha[at]
  47. Personalized Persuasion in Online Advertisements: A Case Study of a Micro-Funding Website
    Suleman Shahid, Nicole Heise, and Sundas Zaman
    Contact Author: Shahid, Suleman // suleman.shahid[at]gmail[dot]com
  48. Even when Icons are Not Worth a Thousand Words They are Helpful in Designing Asthma mHealth Tools
    Michael Lefco, Jensi Gise, Burton Lesnick, and Rosa I. Arriaga
    Contact Author: Arriaga, Rosa // arriaga[at]
  49. Designing Smart Shoes for Obstacle Detection: Empowering Visually Challenged Users through ICT
    Vikram Singh Parmar and Krishna Sai Inkoolu
    Contact Author: Parmar, Vikram Singh // vikram_p[at]
  50. Leveraging Conversational Systems to assists New Hires during Onboarding
    Praveen Chandar, Yasaman Khazaeni, Matthew Davis, Micheal Muller, Marco Crasso, Q. Vera Liao, N. Sadat Shami, and Werner Geyer
    Contact Author: Chandar, Praveen // pcravich[at]
  51. Estimating Visual Discomfort in Head-Mounted Displays using Electroencephalography
    Christian Mai, Mariam Hassib, and Rolf Königbauer
    Contact Author: Mai, Christian // christian.mai[at]