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The Pitney Bowes Design Challenge

Sculpture Design Competition Poster

Design Challenge

Many cities around the world have incorporated a bike rental service to make it easier (and greener) for locals and (or) tourists to get around town. Riders can pick up a bike from one location in the city, and drop it off in another.

Mumbai is planning to implement a bike rental service that will allow people to easily navigate the city. Your task is to create a digital solution to locate, reserve, pick up, return, and keep track of the bikes.

Shortlisted entries for the final presentation:

  • B-Cyclist by Shikha Verma and Angela Simons
  • Cyclo by Sugam Anand and Miksham Lal
  • Pumpum by Udayan Vidyanta and Rohit Gupta
  • LaukarGo by Sajal Nagwanshi
  • EasyGo by Pratiksha Dixit, Devarani Bodanapu and Santosh Bhutkar

Participants will be presenting their work on Sep 29, 9.40 AM at LH 33

Submission Dates:

  • You can start working on it now!
  • Submission Deadline - September 27th - 12 PM IST (Extended to 5 PM IST)

How to Submit

  • Step 1: Fill out this form:
  • Step 2: Email your submission or share it via Dropbox link to runalisa.sinha[at] Make sure to use “INTERACT 2017” as the subject line in your email and your submission title as the name of your file shared via email or Dropbox.

Acceptable Submission Formats

  • PDF or PPT
  • URL link
  • Video (less than 5 minutes in length)

Optional Resources

Competition Rules

  • The competition is open to professionals, faculty and students that are registered to attend INTERACT 2017 Mumbai Conference
  • Individuals can enter solo, or join a team of up to three people
  • One person can provide multiple entries
  • Questions can be directed to runalisa.sinha[at]

Evaluation Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Business/Social Value of the Solution
  • Design Process
  • Presentation of submitted materials

Winner Announcements

Top five entries will have an opportunity to present their design on September 29th - 9:40 AM IST.

The winners will be announced during the closing session of conference.


Amazon Gift Card

  • 1st place - $500.00 US
  • 2nd place - $300.00 US
  • 3rd place - $200.00 US

Student finalists will also have an opportunity to receive a mentoring session from a Senior Designer or Leader at Pitney Bowes.