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Panels - Accepted

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The list of Panel Discussions for this year appear below. Panel Discussions will happen during the main conference days.

Panels provide an opportunity for the INTERACT Community to discuss topics that are central to our discipline. Individual panelists, for each of the themes, will briefly present their perspective. Rosa Arriaga and Antonella De angeli will moderate the conversations.

Please join us in what promise to be lively interactions.

Panel 1: Different shades of user involvement: participatory design, co-design, user centered design

Timings: Sep 27, Session 3c, 3.20 PM


  • Thilina Halloluwa, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Elina Hilden, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
  • Thomas Vilarinho, SINTEF Digital, Trondheim, Norway
  • Janet C. Read, University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • Keyur Sorathia, IIT Guwahati, India


User involvement is central to good design. In this panel we explore a variety of ways that researchers engage users. We will consider differences and synergies between participatory design, co-design and user centered design. We will discuss how design contexts (e.g., finances, healthcare, transportation, and gaming) and demographic variables drive user engagement strategies.

We will also examine the ethical implications for practitioners and researchers.

Panel 2: Novel Interfaces and Future Applications

Timings: Sep 28, Session 6c, 2 PM


  • Joel Harman, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia
  • Jeffrey C. F. Ho, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Rohit Ashok Khot, RMIT University, Australia
  • Pekka Kallioniemi, University of Tampere, Finland
  • Max Willis, University of Trento, Italy


Technological advances have made head mounted displays (HMD)s, 3D printing, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) more and more common-place. On one hand, VR/AR technologies are transporting us to a different world whereas on the other hand robotic automations and 3D printing is bringing/recreating new worlds for us. As such they have captured the imagination of the Interact Community.

Our panel will share their experience working in this space and reflecting on new applications and context of use. We will also consider what the cultural, environmental and social implications are of these technologies. As well as how traditional design methods and process can be applied to these technologies.

Panel 3: Interactive Panel: Designing with Culture in Mind

Timings: Sep 29, Session 9c, 2 PM


  • Jose Abdelnour-Nocera, University of West London, UK and Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal
  • Torkil Clemmensen, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jack Jamieson, University of Toronto
  • Florian Lachner, University of Munich (LMU), Munich, Germany
  • Dorina Rajanen, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
  • Pradeep Yammiyavar, IIT Guwahati, India


This panel examines issues related to the role of culture in HCI design. Culture is a complex concept. We will examine it as it relates to issues of gender, profession, education, ethnicity and other demographics dimensions. In this panel discussion, we will identify different theories and perspectives, and how these can be utilized in the design practice and methodologies.

We will also consider how culture effects new products and services that designers and developers create.