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Installations - Accepted

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The list of accepted Installations for this year appear below. These will be setup during the conference.

Accepted Installations

  1. Conversations and Things - The pattern maker
    By: Reeta Mehrishi, Anindita Saha, and Astha Johri
  2. Data Jalebi Bot
    By: Debanshu Bhaumik, Gaurav Patekar, Himanshu Bablani, and Karan Dudeja
  3. Depth Data Visualization using Kinect and Processing
    By: Katyayani Singh and Priyanka Rai
  4. Insight-Out: Shaping Our World of Ideas
    By: Chitra Chandrashekhar, Lakshmi Deshpande, Chinmayee Samant, Himanshu Goyal, and Rohit Soni
  5. Project Air Draw
    By: Prabhat Mahapatra and Nikhil Tailang
  6. Snakes and Ladders: A Sonification
    By: Hanif Baharin
  7. Tick Tock
    By: Yash Chandak
  8. Who you are is what you get - A reflection on search and information gathering
    By: Rohit Gupta
  9. LAB'SURD: The LABoratory of SURvirtuality - Withdrawn
    By: Judith Guez and Guillaume Bertinet