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Industry Presentations - Accepted

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The list of accepted Industry Presentations for this year appear below. These will be presented during the conference.

Accepted Presentations

Session 3e: Industry presentations I / Wed Sep 27, 3.20-4.40 PM

  1. Industry Presentation: Affective HCI: Emotional and Motivational Aspects of Adapting to a New Technology
    Anjeli Singh and Jahnavi Mirashi (Hureo)
  2. Industry Presentation: Experience Design for Digitalization
    Veera Venkata Atmakuri (Siemens)
  3. Industry Presentation: User Testing Vs. User Teaching
    Andrew Whited (Designer)
  4. Industry Presentation: Chatbot Platform for Services Within a Mobile Operating System
    Nikhil Karwall and Ankita Agrawal (Indus OS)

Session 4e: Industry presentations II / Thu Sep 28, 9.40-11 AM

  1. Industry Presentation: Design Sprints: Concept To Completion
    Natasha Sant (Google Inc.)
  2. Industry Presentation: Designing for Billions
    Natasha Sant (Google Inc.)
  3. Industry Presentation: Importance of Human Factors in Medical Devices
    Jitesh Jaidev Jumani, Nitin KD, and Deepak Arasu (HCL Technologies Ltd.)
  4. Industry Presentation: Event-based and state-based visual interfaces for learning computer programming and robotics
    Sumesh Jaiswal (Symantec Software)

Session 5e: Industry presentations III / Thu Sep 28, 11.30 AM - 12.50 PM

  1. Industry Presentation: Designing healthcare for rural india
    Noopur Varma (nilenso software)
  2. Industry Presentation: Empowering the marginalised by bringing the university to their phones
    Promit Sanyal, Savy A, and Aveejeet Palit (Moonraft Innovation Labs)
  3. Industry Presentation: Principles of Inclusive and Resilient Design on the Web
    Shwetank Dixit (BarrierBreak)
  4. Industry Presentation: Technology Platform for social Inclusion
    Ojas Vyas and Karan Rai Bahadur (Mindtree Ltd)

Session 7e: Industry presentations IV / Fri Sep 29, 9.40-11 AM

  1. Industry Presentation: Application of Conversational User Interfaces in Healthcare
    Ami Sampat (SAP Labs, Bangalore)
  2. Industry Presentation: Paradigm-Shifting Use-Cases for IoT
    Reeta Mehrishi and Astha Johri (Tata Consultancy Service)
  3. Industry Presentation: Acting fast and slow online: What is the right suite of UX methodologies for each type of actions?
    Saeideh Bakhshi (Facebook)
  4. Industry Presentation: Researching TV interfaces - Cancelled
    Shilpi Dahele (NOW TV)

Session 8e: Industry presentations V / Fri Sep 29, 11.30 AM - 12.50 PM

  1. Industry Presentation: Modernising our Design Tools
    Prahbat Mahapatra (Adobe)
  2. Industry Presentation: Establishing Context: Designing for Intercultural and Intracultural Communication in Traditional Research Settings
    Camela Logan and Saide Bakhshi (Facebook)
  3. Industry Presentation: Participatory and Interactive Installations - as a Design Research Mechanism for Smart Cities
    Reeta Mehrishi and Astha Johri (Tata Consultancy)
  4. Industry Presentation: Opentype Enhancements in Adobe InDesign & Illustrator
    Mrinalini Sardar (Adobe)
  5. Industry Presentation: Framework for designing conversational interface - Withdrawn
    Sachendra Yadav (Accenture)
  6. Industry Presentation: Get a practical glimpse into the life-cycle of your shiny new product through research - Withdrawn
    Smitha Papolu (Citrix Systems)