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Demonstrations - Accepted

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The tentative list of accepted Demonstrations for this year appear below. Authors will present these during the conference.

Accepted Demonstrations

  1. Little Bear – A Gaze Aware Learning Companion for Early Childhood Learners
    Deepak Akkil, Prasenjit Dey, and Nitendra Rajput
    Contact Author: Akkil, Deepak // deepak.akkil[at]
  2. Inclusive Side-scrolling Action Game Securing Accessibility for Visually Impaired People
    Masaki Matsuo, Takahiro Miura, Masatsugu Sakajiri, Junji Onishi, and Tsukasa Ono
    Contact Author: Miura, Takahiro // miu[at]
  3. ReRide A Platform to Explore Interaction with Personal Data Before, During, and After Motorcycle Commuting
    Naveen Bagalkot, Tomas Sokoler, Riyaj Shaikh, Gaurav Singh, Anders Edelbo Lillie, Pratiksha Dixit, Aditi Rai, Chakravarthy Vignesh, and Ashwin Senthil
    Contact Author: Bagalkot, Naveen // naveen[at]
  4. Coaching Compliance: A Tool for Personalized e-Coaching in Cardiac Rehabilitation
    Supraja Sankaran, Mieke Haesen, Paul Dendale, Kris Luyten, and Karin Coninx
    Contact Author: Sankaran, Supraja // supraja.sankaran[at]
  5. SoPhy: Smart Socks for Video Consultations of Physiotherapy
    Deepti Aggarwal, Thuong Hoang, Weiyi Zhang, Bernd Ploderer, Frank Vetere, and Mark Bradford
    Contact Author: Aggarwal, Deepti // daggarwal[at]