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Dandia Night

People during a Dandia Performance
A Dandia Performance

Make the most of the energetic, festive vibe of the Navratri in Mumbai we are organising a Dandia night on Wednesday, September 27!

What is Dandia?

Dandia Raas is a traditional dance festival of Gujarat and Rajasthan and is celebrated in many parts of western India with great vigour during the festival of Navratri. People come together to celebrate this vibrant festival by dressing up in the traditional and colourful outfits and dance in praise and prayer of Goddess Durga. The festival goes on for nine nights (hence the name, nav meaning nine, and ratri meaning nights) and the dance form has many variations across India. Dandia in particular is played with sticks that represent the swords of Goddess Durga, and Garba, another dance form that is practiced during this festival is played with the clapping of the hands while dancing. The festival is very popular, especially among the youth.

INTERACT 2017 falls during the time of this festival and it is a wonderful opportunity to seep yourself in the spirited activities and soak in the culture and joy of Navratri. The Dandia night will be held on Wednesday, September 27 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the open air theatre where you will get to witness a special Garba performance by professionals and also join in the dance yourself along with some refreshments.

Is this included in my ticket?

The full conference registration includes a ticket for the the Dandia Night for both students and professionals. The ticket is also included for those with one-day registration for Wednesday, September 27. In case you wish to invite companions, you can buy Dandia Night guest tickets on the registration page. Each guest ticket costs ₹ 2,000 (~$31/€26). A Dandia Night ticket is not included for delegates with one-day registration for September 28 or 29, but they may optionally buy a ticket for themselves on the registration page.

Dance! How do I do it?

Don’t know the dance? We have worked that out too. Special Garba and Dandia classes will be will be held on Tuesday, September 26 from 6 pm to 8 pm (needs a sign up - see below), where we have invited instructors from one of the best schools in the country so that you may get the most authentic experience of Navratri.

Your instructors will be Jigar Soni and Suhrad Soni, co-founders of the Soni School Of Garba Dance (founded in 1998). The school has reestablished the genuine traditional Garba folk dance in fusion with a touch of modern dance, to make this dance form even more delightful to perform and enchanting to watch. Both Jigar and Suhrad are MBAs by qualification and have a corporate day job. They have been performing folk dance shows with renowned folk dance guru, Kumari Indumati Lele for the past 17 years. Being passionate about dance, they felt the need to share their knowledge on this beautiful folk dance which led to the foundation of the school. Starting from 25 students in 1998, this school taught Garba to more than 500 students in a 2-month workshop conducted before the festival of Navratri in year 2012. The school has taught more than 5,000 students since.

Awesome! How do I register?

While the classes will be free for all the registered INTERACT participants, you need to fill up the registration form to help us make the arrangements. The class strength is limited to the first 40 participants.

Sign up using the form below:

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