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Childcare Club

Picture showing toys scattered around
The Childcare Club would be a collaborative effort.

We take great pleasure to announce that there will be a Childcare Club at the conference during INTERACT 2017.

Childcare Club?

Yes. INTERACT 2017 will be having a Childcare Club during the conference where delegates can leave their kids in safe hands, so that they can attend the conference, without any worries.

So, how does it work?

The idea of having Childcare at the conference is more of a collaborative effort of parents and the conference team, rather than a service provided by the conference.

Each day during sessions, one parent volunteer shall also pool-in to be with the team. We need a minimum of three parents showing interest to run the show.

And as it is a joint effort there shall be no fee, instead parents need to spend about 25% of their conference time with the Childcare Club; meaning effectively, there will be one parent per four kids at any time along with the professional care-takers.

What age-group kids will be cared for?

Care will be provided for children from age 6mth-12yrs. The Club will be open from September 27-29. However, as per delegate need, this can be extended to full 5 days of the conference, during Workshops and Field trips which start from September 25.

Timings of club will be from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Two pictures of a kid playing with building blocks and of kids books
Activities like story-telling, crafts, arts, or outdoor activities will be available.

Where will the Club be located?

The allotted Childcare space is located within the VMCC Convention Centre (the conference venue) on the Ground Floor.

The Club will have the following facilities:

  • An air-conditioned space with attached bathroom
  • A pantry
  • First-aid facility
  • Quiet nap area
  • Microwave
  • Small Refrigerator
  • Nursing section
  • Changing table

There shall be play and other activities for older children (story-telling, crafts, arts or outdoor activities) which will be updated a few weeks prior to the conference, depending upon the response of parents.

How can I help?

Parents can communicate their interest to be a part of the Childcare Club for their children, to the Chairs.

Happy to be Childcare Chairs: Susmita Sharma and Atish Patel. Reach us at childcare[at]interact2017[dot]org

Additional tips for parents

  • Parents must always carry proper identification of child and themselves
  • Cautionary medicines/food items and necessary instructions specific to the child must be communicated in advance
  • No unauthorized person will be allowed to enter, tour the area.
  • Check-in check-out will be observed at all times
  • Parent Volunteer spreadsheet will be shared with parents who show interest to be part of the Childcare Club
  • Preference will be given to presenters (e.g. papers and other tracks) for time slots.